Saturday, March 25, 2017

How to argue with a internet troll - and WIN EVERYTIME

  Now a wise person will say the best way to handle the internet troll is to ignore them. Well, sometimes you simply can't. This is what the troll lives for - he thinks he has baited you into losing your cool and then they own you.

Not so fast!

There is a way to argue with the troll and put them in their place. This method I stumbled onto when I had to deal with a troll one time and I was surprised on how effective it is. I've used it many times since and it has a 100% success rate in having the troll lose their cool.

Once the troll starts to engage you - say to them the following statement:
 "Look, this is how this is going to play out. Hence forth you are my bitch slave and YOU WILL OBEY my commands. I now order you to say something directed at me."
When the troll responds, you own their ass for they did what you ordered them to do.

IMPORTANT - When you respond you MUST say and ONLY say:
"My bitch slave obeys! Now slave, I order you to post another response and to say something directed at me. You know you have to obey slave. You can't help yourself. You just can't let your master who owns your ass get the last word."
Do this EACH AND EVERY TIME they say something about you. Don't change what you say no matter what. The point here is the longer it goes on, the more you own their ass and the more other people laugh at the troll.

  Remember, if they choose not to respond, you get the last word and they had to shut up for they no longer desired to be your bitch. If they respond, they are your bitch.  The troll will figure out sooner or later they are in a no-win scenario. Also, the longer it goes, usually the more frustrated the troll gets and it will get even more amusing. In the end they will stop and go away but they know they got owned.

And that my friends is how you handle a troll.


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